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Colossal Coloro Doors

Our Coloro doors are without a doubt one of the most unique doors on the market. What might not be as obvious, however, is that it is also one of the most versatile and is available in some extreme sizes that make it a perfect fit for larger than average projects.

We have recently had two projects take full advantage of this fact, one pushing our height restrictions to their limits and the other making good use of our width restrictions. For our tall door, at just over 2.6 metres tall, (8ft6in shown above), the world’s tallest living man could comfortably walk through the door standing straight up. It was also specially made specifically to the customers colour requests, with a “Traffic Yellow” door sash. (Traffic yellow is only available on Coloro door sashes). Its gargantuan size mixed with the unique, stunning visuals of this door create a breathtaking experience as well as a need to stand back and admire this truly unique door. Recently, we have also made a black Coloro door and sidelights which span over 3.5 metres in width, large enough to take the space of a sliding door.

If you’d like a quotation for one of our Coloro doors or some more information, please email sales@lumiwindows.com or call 02825660533.

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