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Step out in style

Connecting the interior of your home with a patio, deck or pathway has never looked this good. The same sleek, flat lines of Lumi’s window collection take centre stage in our elegant French Doors.

Lumi Windows & Doors - French Doors

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An effortlessly outstanding performance

Elegantly simple on the outside, Lumi French Doors have inner strength and technical features that make them as secure and efficient as they are beautiful and sophisticated.

French Door


Anti-leverage intruder-proof hinges are bolted onto a steel reinforced frame that exceeds all police security standards.

French Door

Designer furniture

Choose from a range of carefully considered and crafted handles and lock surrounds.

French Door

Virtually airtight

Double rubber gasket seals keep noise and bad weather outside, while locking in warmth.

Lumi Windows & Doors - French Doors

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Lumi’s beauty is more than surface deep. Explore the smart technology that makes it possible.

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French Doors

Sidelights: one of Lumi’s brightest ideas

Extend the span of your Lumi French Doors with matching full-height Sidelights. It’s a simple way to let more light spill inside, brightening your home’s interior, while adding an elegant glass wall effect to the exterior aspect.

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Completely flat, yet totally stand out

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