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Try something unique with a Lumi fully glazed door!

A staple product of the Lumi range, our “Fully Glazed” doors are the perfect embodiment of all things Lumi. They’ve got a perfect blend of style, performance and adaptability which make them perfect for nearly any project.

Take the door shown above for example. This customer required a larger than average sidelight for their project, a job which the Lumi system is perfectly suited for. Our unique fibreglass system allows us to create a door and sidelight which is larger than most sets of french doors or small sliders. All of this and more, while matching the stunning all-glass visual aesthetic of our Lumi double and triple glazed windows. It really is the perfect option if you’d like to break convention and go for something truly unique.

If you’d like to see how our groundbreaking window and door system can revolutionize your project, send us an email to sales@lumiwindows.com today!

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