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What are the advantages of fibreglass windows?

Fibreglass is a unique material and not something typically thought about when building or renovating windows. With a window industry so heavily dominated by PVC and Aluminium windows, you might not be aware of fibreglass windows and some of the advantages they have other more common materials.

Customers looking for dependable, durable, and high-quality windows that can handle all seasons may find that fibreglass windows, especially those made here at Lumi, are the right fit for their homes. If you’re currently researching new windows and have come across this blog post, let us explain some of the advantages of fibreglass windows & how Lumi can help you.


A durable window solution that stands up to all tests

Fibreglass is a very sturdy material. It doesn’t rot, corrode, or wither. This makes it perfect for exposed locations such as coastal projects as well as providing an incredibly long lifespan, significantly longer than PVC. If you’re specifically looking for exterior facing windows that need to brave the elements, especially in a coastal home, fibreglass is a great choice.


Double Glazed Steel Anthracite Window

An energy-efficient window solution

Fibreglass is a great insulator; something you need when caring for how well homes retain heat (and how well you can keep your heating bills down). Through a lot of testing in the development stage, we’ve been able to showcase windows with exceptional u-values, which are significantly better than that of aluminium.

Lumi fibreglass triple glazed windows easily achieve U-values in the 0.8w/m2k range, putting them up there in the A+/A++ range.


A seamless fit in any frame

With our slot-in approach, fibreglass frames utilise edge to edge design. This makes it perfect for larger than average windows without sacrificing quality and sturdiness; great if you have larger frames around the home that work best with as much natural light as possible. With Lumi windows chock full of amazing design features, you’ll soon see why fibreglass is such a great option.


Giving you strength in (lower) numbers

Fibreglass is many times stronger than PVC and aluminium by weight, meaning you can have a lighter frame with more space for the glass while still being exceptionally strong. Lumi frames use cutting edge locks which sit flush within the frame to help create a full-length locking mechanism.


New Build Projects - Windows


Giving you peace of mind

It isn’t just the fibreglass that is working its magic. All Lumi glass is bonded flat and fixed with double gasket seal technology. This means you have a strong frame, and tight fitted glass, which works tremendously to keep noise out. You don’t need to worry about the dread of gaps and squeaks PVC frames can develop.


Helping you get the windows you need

These are only some of the many advantages of fibreglass windows and why Lumi could be the ideal option for your home. If you’d like some more information on our products, please get in touch today!

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