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What are the advantages of fibreglass windows?

With a window industry so heavily dominated by PVC and Aluminium windows, you might not be aware fibreglass windows and their many advantages over these other more common materials.

  • Durability – Fibreglass is a very hardy material. It doesn’t rot, corrode or weather making it perfect for exposed locations such as coastal projects as well as providing an incredibly long lifespan, significantly longer than PVC.
  • Energy efficiency – Fibreglass is a great insulator with exceptional u-values which are significantly better than that of aluminium. Our fibreglass triple glazed windows easily achieve U-values in the 0.8w/m2k range.
  • Strength & Weight – Fibreglass is many times stronger than PVC and aluminium by weight while still being exceptionally strong, making it perfect for larger than average windows without sacrificing on quality and sturdiness. This, paired with our unique design, is what makes Lumi perfectly suited for large windows & doors.
  • Sound reduction – Fibreglass also acts as a great sound insulator, making it perfect for houses near noisy roads, airports or train stations.

These are only some of the many advantages associated with fibreglass which make it a perfect option for our innovative Lumi windows. If you’d like some more information on our products, please get in touch with us!


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