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The Tell-Tale Signs You Should Upgrade Your Windows

When is the right time to replace your windows? You don’t need to be the Sherlock Holmes of the window world to figure it out, as tell-tale signs are hiding in plain sight!

In an age where hard-wearing PVC windows are standard, it’s easy to forget that as the years slip by, your windows can be affected by general wear and tear. It is important to keep an eye on your windows to watch for signs that they might be failing, as well as any degradation that might be negatively affecting the performance of your windows.

The main signs you may need to upgrade windows can include:

  • Condensation forming between panes
  • Deep scratches, cracking & chipping
  • Draughts coming from windows
  • Rooms are not getting warm enough
  • Stubborn windows
  • Heating bills are getting higher

Let’s talk briefly about each point and how you can figure out whether it’s time for a window upgrade!

You have condensation forming between the panes

If condensation forms between the window panes, it is time to look into replacement windows. When condensation can form between the panes of glass in your windows, the seal has been compromised, and air is getting through the outside pane of glass. This is harmful to window efficiency as it can let out gas used in windows to increase efficiency (Argon or Krypton) and let the cold bypass the outside pane of glass.

Lumi windows use low-e glass and a heat-reflective coating to help prevent condensation. You can read more about it here.

Deep scratches, cracking & chipping
Not only does damage to the surface of your window affect appearance, but it can also create weaknesses in the glass, preventing vulnerabilities in the security of your house. This can also worsen over time, leading to the glass unit breaking down and letting the weather in.

Lumi windows are made from toughened and laminated Kitemarked glass.

Draughts are a nightmare when it comes to windows. They let your valuable heat out and are a strong indicator that your windows are due for an upgrade. If your windows are draughty, chances are that the seals in your windows have broken down or your windows are improperly sealed, which will destroy the efficiency of your windows.

Lumi windows are super sealed with internal double gaskets, so there’s nowhere to heat to leak out and draughts to get in.

Rooms are not getting warm enoughIf you notice that the temperature in a room drops when it’s cold outside, even despite your best attempts to heat the house, your windows might be due an upgrade. Windows have improved significantly throughout the past few decades, with even cheap modern PVC double glazing being far more efficient than older double glazing dating back to the 90s and 2000s. Installing Lumi windows will reduce your heating bills and keep your house noticeably warmer even if it’s below freezing outside.

Lumi windows have more chambers on the inner frame, which help to keep heat in.

Stubborn Windows

What’s worse than a window that won’t open? How about one that won’t close, or at least close without putting up a fight? Stubborn windows that seem to catch on the latch or get “sticky” when you try to close can be signs of frame warping. This can lead to those pesky draughts we mentioned earlier – a big no-no.

Lumi windows have a cutting-edge lock system, so windows never close with issue.

Heating bills getting higher

Ever find yourself convinced that you were much better-keeping tabs on the heating this year? When windows are acting up, and the signs above aren’t obvious, higher heating bills may be signalling that windows need to be looked at. This is especially the case if you have radiator valves like TRV valves close to the window (as they rely on ambient temperature).

Lumi windows have been tested to show they can outperform others on the market for heat retention.

Say bye-bye to window woes with Lumi!

Our Lumi windows are designed using the latest technology and design to create one of the most innovative window systems on the market.

Our 80mm storm-proof design will eliminate draughts and leave your house significantly warmer with extraordinary U-Values as low as 0.7w/m2K.

If you want to see the difference Lumi can make for your house, contact us today by emailing sales@lumiwindows.com or calling us on 03300415014.

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