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Transform your home's efficiency


More light in.
Less heat out.

Lumi’s edge to edge design with no vertical or horizontal frame allows more light in. Argon-filled, low E-glass and super-tight double gasket seals let less heat out.

Lumi Windows - Efficiency

Super sealed

Lumi glass is bonded onto the unit structure which is then fixed in position with internal double gaskets. There’s simply nowhere for heat to leak out.

Efficiency Windows

More chambers for less loss

Lumi windows are beautiful on the outside and really clever underneath. The inner chamber design creates ‘convection breaks’ that keeps heat in and cold out.

Lumi Windows - Efficiency

Better efficiency

Lumi uses ‘low-e glass’ that prevents heat escaping thanks to a microscopically thin, heat-reflective coating.

Lumi Windows - Efficiency

Zero cold flex

The way Lumi glass is bonded to the unit frame means they flex less when the temperature dips below -5oC. That flex ruptures seals and lets heat out, which is why Lumi perform better than traditional windows no matter how low the thermometer drops.

Efficiency Heat Map

Better performance is visible

Lumi undergoes rigorous efficiency tests to
prove its heat retaining claims. This thermal
image shows how it outperforms traditional
double-glazed units.

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