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Condensation? No Problem!

With the extreme cold and the storms that have been battering the UK and Ireland recently, a lot of people have had issues with condensation on doors and windows.

This is an unavoidable problem and is not caused by any fault in the door. Condensation happens when there is an abundance of moisture and warm air meets a cold surface, warm air is capable of holding more water than cold air, so when the when the warm air meets a cold surface, it cools and can’t hold as much water and is forced to leave some behind.  In fact, the issue can be made worse by a high quality door, with our double rebate and 70mm thick door, there is an air tight seal and no draught can get in to let the moisture out.

There are a few ways to minimize condensation, such as trying to limiting the amount of moisture produced. Common sources of moisture are things like drying clothes or showering or cooking, so if you’re having issues with condensation, try limiting these activities or opening a window. Another solution is to use a dehumidifier to draw the moisture out of the air.


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