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Glass Is Lumi's Greatest Strength - Windows

Glass Is Lumi’s Greatest Strength

The revolutionary design of the Lumi system is more than just looks; it’s strong, durable, and practical, a perfect match for any situation. We have spent a long time developing and perfecting the glass we use in our Lumi windows and doors. It helps to know why we take our time with our glass and why it helps give homes across the country a new perspective on windows.

Get to know why glass is Lumi’s greatest strength.

Understanding how glass is used in windows

Glass is very often viewed as a weak material, something easily broken and fragile, one impact away from shattering into a thousand pieces.

Glass can indeed be brittle when in its most basic forms. However, once you factor in toughening using the latest production methods, you end up with a long-standing and highly protective material. After all, adequately treated glass is corrosion resistant, non-reactive and waterproof.

This is one of the main advantages of the Lumi window system. Not only does it look extraordinary, but the all-glass external finish means that all the internal components are protected behind a shield of toughened safety glass. By maximising the glass from edge to edge, we also maximise the benefits that come alongside it.

How you can have large frameless windows in your home

It isn’t just the case that the glass used is tougher and therefore fine to use in any form. The Lumi team designed our windows, so they essentially slot into the space of an existing frame.

You need to consider what happens when you swap frames for glass. For example, we had to consider how our windows would need to be cleaned, whether letting more light was good or bad, and whether window locks would need to be adapted due to the design.

Thankfully, we did all the research and experimentation so you wouldn’t have to. It’s why our tough glass windows are chock full of unique design features that similar products on the market don’t factor in.

Understanding the limitations of glass windows and doors

You can’t have strengths without weaknesses, and we found ourselves going back to the drawing board time and time again during the development phase. For example, a big hurdle was figuring out how our flat glass could work on doors? Most home doors traditionally have recessed features for windows. We upended that by creating our Silka doors, with the option of glass glazing trims which are bonded onto a ceramic border.

We also had to consider how efficient to make our windows. Many people are hesitant to upgrade to full glass covered windows because they somehow think it will affect heat retention and insulation. That’s why we utilise triple glazing for extra insulation and gas fill windows to improve thermal performance. Again, it isn’t just about how “strong” the window is, but the components of the window working together that improve performance.

Get to know how strong Lumi windows can be in your home

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