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Why should you go for grey windows?

The window industry has seen a widespread increase in the popularity of grey windows, particularly anthracite grey and light grey, but why?

What was once seen as a slightly boring colour/shade has now become one of the most popular options for homes up and down the country that want a revamped look for their windows and doors.

Well, the Lumi team has been working hard to crack the case and figure out why grey is number one for many of our customers. It can’t be just because our windows and doors look so good, could it?

Getting to know why grey could be the way to go!

To start with, grey is a neutral colour which doesn’t clash with other colours. In fact, it often compliments other colours, especially pastel colours, white or different shades of grey. The fact that it works so well with such a wide range of colours makes it incredibly adaptable and offers you versatility with your decoration. It also perfectly suits modern and traditional projects and complements Lumi fantastically.

Many Lumi customers will be looking for grey windows when renovating, and you can see how our greys can really help modernise a home here.

Grey windows and doors that look the part

Grey windows are also popular for those who want to stand out from the crowd. White UPVC windows have been the standard for so long that many people are attracted to grey to try something they feel is more stylish and sophisticated and makes a stronger impression.

With some anthracite grey Lumi windows fitted in your home, you’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons! And remember, the way Lumi frames sit “underneath” the glass makes some grey features have a seamless style finish. Just look at some of our design features to learn more.

With the increasing popularity of grey windows showing no sign of slowing down, there has never been a better time to go with grey!

What colour goes with anthracite grey windows?

While grey works with just about any colour combo, some of the best colours & shades to match grey windows and doors include:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Cream
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Orange (if you really like contrasting tones)
  • Red

What colours of grey windows can I choose from with Lumi windows?

Our windows use grey in two ways. Firstly, the internal frames can come in smooth grey or light grey. The part of the frame sitting on the outer side comes in anthracite grey (or black).

Get to know how strong Lumi windows can be in your home

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And if you’re interested in seeing how Lumi works for others, visit our Inspiration page to see how our windows and doors work in replacement projects, new builds, and renovations.

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