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How do frameless windows open?

How do Frameless Windows Open?

With a pristine and flawless glass finish on the outside, Lumi frameless windows look the part. When most customers first come across our windows, there is usually a question that quickly follows: How do these windows actually work? 

If you’ve been browsing our range of double and triple glazed aluminium windows and have the same thoughts, no need to worry. We’ve decided to answer some common questions about how Lumi windows open and operate. You can also watch this video to see how our frameless windows open.

So, how does a frameless window open?

From the outside, Lumi windows look distinct and unique. Some people even say they look futuristic. On the inside, the frame is built with a handle to open and close like a typical double or triple glazed window. And while the outside glass has two colours to choose from for that creative look (anthracite grey or black), the interior side of the frame comes in seven different colours to help match the look and feel of your room. This includes the likes of cream, anTeak and light grey. 

The only time this wouldn’t be the case is when you’re looking for a distinctive picture window frame, something that is becoming incredibly popular in renovated homes that want to let the light in. 

How do Apeer windows lock?

Apeer windows use Yale Rapide locks. These help the locking mechanism sit flush within the window’s design and work across the full length of the window. 

So the windows aren’t a floating unit? 

No, not at all. This is a common misconception many people have, in large part due to the flush glass finish on the unit. From the 56mm double glazed to the 80mm triple glazed window (with fibreglass construction), the glass pane of a Lumi window sits on top of the frame to give the appearance of a “floating” window. 

Does it matter where a frameless window goes then?

Yes. Environmental factors can play a large part. If you’ve ever had old single glazing windows shaking on a windy night, you’ll know what we’re talking about. 

Our frameless windows come with steel inserts (best used when windows are exposed to north winds) and thermal inserts (best for larger window frames, kitchens, and bathrooms). The support from the insert helps create the seamless finish when installed. 

How much does it cost to get frameless windows installed?

All homes have windows of different sizes. Because Lumi windows are custom made, we can give you a precise quote if you get in touch. Once you do, we’ll match you with a with a local Lumi approved supplier to arrange a quote for your project. 

Have a question about Lumi windows?

If you’re interested in having Lumi windows installed, please feel free to get in touch with our team today. You can use our contact form here, email us here, or give us a call on0345 6729 333. 

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