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The oh-so-smooth Silka door range, available exclusively at Lumi

On hearing the words ‘smooth as silk’ you’d be forgiven for instantly imagining creamy Belgian chocolate, intense roasted coffee or a high–end skincare product. After all, such a charming turn of phrase could be used to describe each of these with seemingly exquisite grandeur. For Lumi Windows, however, it’s a play on the Swedish word ‘silke’, or Silka, as our exciting range of smooth skin doors is called.

Due to popular requests, we are happy to announce that we have now added two new Lumi composite door designs as part of our Silka range alongside six other Apeer Silka doors, to our already extensive offering of composite doors. It helps to know what exactly Silka doors are, and why Lumi customers love having them as warm and welcoming doors to their homes.


What makes Silka doors special?

Silka door designs combine our unique, thermally efficient Lumi door glazing system with our smooth, matt-finish door skins to provide a premium, silky smooth finish which complements our Lumi2 and Lumi3 windows. These exciting products have been designed to provide an alternative to the increasingly popular aluminium door market, whilst still offering the desired smooth finish, so you’re getting a similarly styled style at a better price.


What finish do Silka doors have?

Silka has a clean matt finish. This helps complement the door glass beautifully. This is a great choice if you have doors facing the sun and find that your existing doors give off a sheen on sunny days, or you’ve been dealing with colour issues (something you’ll luckily not find with Silka)


How does the glass sit on Silka doors?

There’s a little bit of illusion in every Silka door, but there’s no magic in how the glass sits so perfectly. We utilise a special ceramic border around the door that gives a unique and attention-grabbing flush finish.


Get to know more about our Silka Doors

We could talk all day about our Silka doors, but wouldn’t it be better to experience them for yourself? Read more about Silka doors here, and use the Door Builder to see how Silka will look in your home.

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