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How Lumi windows can transform your whole home

How Lumi windows can transform your whole home

Having Lumi windows installed is more than simply getting new windows. Well, from a literal standpoint, that would be the case, but in reality, when you install Lumi windows, you’re opening up the option of transforming your whole home from top to bottom. 

Our customers often ask what Lumi windows can do to transform their homes and if there is anything that makes Lumi stand out from other window manufacturers on the market. If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your windows, how are just some of the ways in which Lumi can transform your home. 

Modernising from top to bottom

It used to be that upgrading from single pane to double glazing was a big deal. Upgrading to Lumi is an even bigger deal in terms of giving you modern windows with premium design. We pride ourselves on offering aluminium double & triple glazed windows that have an ultra-contemporary look.  

This is largely due to the flat aesthetic and minimal feel of the window itself. Lumi windows are primed for slotting into the space left by your old framed windows, offering a clean look on the interior and exterior. 

Making it easier to clean and maintain

Speaking of keeping things clean, Lumi windows are as low maintenance as you can get. Unlike the typical trappings glazed frames can give you, with dirt accumulation in corners, we wanted to create windows where cleaning was simple and quick. 

With the glass pane sitting on top of the frame, you’re looking at quicker cleaning without the need for any special cleaners and such.  

Giving you a clearer (or wider) view

There is one design feature Lumi windows have that hides in plain sight; the sight lines. We opted for super-slim sight lines to help give you as much visibility as possible. You really notice it if you’re installing larger Lumi windows in open-plan rooms where you want to let as much light in as possible. 

Giving you peace of mind

While Lumi windows might look minimal, there’s a lot happening on the inside to transform how secure your home is. Lumi Windows utilise Yule Rapide locks. Unlike most typical double-glazed windows, the mechanism engages the full length of the lock for added security. With the frames steel-reinforced and the choice to use toughened glass, your windows have added inner strength to boot. You can learn more about the safety features of Lumi windows here.

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