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What colour should you choose for your windows?

Variety is the spice of life. When building your ideal door or windows, you don’t want to be limited by choice, especially if you have a colour in mind that you think fits your home perfectly.

Here at Lumi HQ, we offer a wide range of colour options for our windows and doors, so which one should you choose for your project? Here are some of the things to think about when choosing door or window colour combinations.

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Sticking to the classics (and new classics)

Our most popular offerings are  Anthracite Grey and Black, both of which are very in-style at the moment with no sign of slowing down. These colours are great options as they can pair very well with other common colour combinations such as white or cream. They’re both great choices if you’d like to opt for something different to most domestic windows, which are White UPVC, without risking becoming an eyesore.


Almost every colour imaginable for your door

While the likes of our Silka doors will see you needing to opt for grey or black, things aren’t as limited in other areas. Lumi doors can come in everything from light pink and turquoise blue to pale lime and traffic purple. You simply need to give our door builder a quick go to see all the amazing colours at hand.


Opting for more distinctive colour options for windows

If you’d like to opt for something more unique, we offer Chartwell Green as well as Slate Blue and Light Blue windows and doors. They’re perfect options if you’d like to add some colour to your home and stand out from the crowd with some stunningly bright Lumi windows.


Utilising window colour combinations

If we only offered one colour for our windows, things would be a little boring. That’s why Lumi windows come in 2 exterior colours (anthracite grey – black) along with 7 internal choices, including:

  • White
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Signal Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Teak


This option helps you get windows that match existing elements inside a room, like trim and sills. This helps doubly if you’re in the midst of planning an extension or renovation (you can see some examples of how Lumi customers have done so in their homes here).

New Build Projects - Windows

Get windows and doors in the colour you want by getting in touch

If you’d like to speak to someone about our colour options or your project, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you get some much-needed colour injected into the home.



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