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Why choose frameless windows?

Why choose frameless windows?

Homeowners have more choice than ever before when it comes to building renovations. Windows have evolved rapidly over the years, giving property owners a myriad of contemporary options.

What are frameless windows – and are they better than normal windows?

A frameless window is exactly how it is described – a seamless glazing option which has no obvious PVC (or other material) frame around the perimeter. for balconies, shower screens, Frameless glazing allows you to create a ‘wall of glass’ and as fixing and joins are kept to a minimum it provides a perfect, unspoilt view.

In terms of practicality, frameless windows are equal, and better depending on the material, to any windows purchased from a glazing specialist. They are as safe, sturdy and energy efficient, with some frameless glazing offering extra thermal benefits. All windows and walls have to meet strict building regulation standards to conserve energy, so frameless windows will be assessed for its U value just as any other window would be.

Benefits of frameless windows

Seamless glazing has a range of advantages, the first being the supreme stylistic feature it can create. Frameless windows let the optimum amount of light into a room, and provide a chic, contemporary element to a building. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, frameless windows are simple and super-fast to install so homeowners can enjoy minimum disruption. People choose frameless windows because they complement the design of their home, however installing more glass can also have energy saving benefits. Seamless glazing is often used in commercial buildings because it gives an open feel and provides maximum light.

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