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Bring More Light Into Your Home With Lumi!

Lumi; the very name denotes the emphasis on light that our products bring. One of the main purposes of windows is to fill a house with natural, free light. There are many advantages that come with using daylight to light up your home, ranging from saving on energy to health benefits.

Studies have shown that exposure to natural light can make you more productive, calmer, happier, counteract and prevent depression as well as benefiting eyesight, with spending just a few hours a day exposed to natural light reducing the risk of developing nearsightedness. By maximizing the amount of natural light in our homes, we can experience all of these benefits, even while indoors. Lumi is the perfect choice for letting light in to your house, with our ability to fabricate larger than average windows allowing us to open up large portions of your house for light to pour in.

Including natural light sources in your house can save you money by decreasing your reliance on artificial lighting, which makes up a significant portion of electricity costs. It is essential to factor in natural lighting if you are planning an energy efficient project or if you are conscious of your CO2 emissions as houses that are better lit by daylight are less dependent on artificial lighting and if a project is well planned, you can cut demand for artificial lighting to almost zero throughout the day. We also recommend including rooflights into your project, as they can provide up to three times more light than windows alone.

With so many benefits to including an abundance of natural light in your home, it’s worth seriously considering if your window layout will provide you with enough light throughout your house. Small changes like the increasing the size, frequency or positioning of the windows in your home can make a giant difference to the light levels in your home.

If you would like some advice on how to best utilize Lumi to it’s full potential, please contact us either by phoning 03300415014 or by emailing us at sales@lumiwindows.com.

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