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With summer rapidly approaching and the heat-wave that has been hitting the UK and Ireland looking like it’s not going anywhere, there has never been a better time to spend time outdoors in the summer air.  Why not open up your house to the outside and make the most of the nice weather with a lift and slide door?

Lumi Lift and Slide doors are the perfect option for any home, they can be used anywhere from patios to balconies and can cater to any weather conditions. All year round, whether opened or closed they offer unrestricted viewing of the outside world, lighting up your house and giving you the best view possible. In the winter, the low U-Values and thermal efficiency keeps your house warm and your heating bills down. In the summer, you can take full advantage of the large opening to let a cool breeze through your home, while of course being unobtrusive and taking up very little space, making them ideal even for the smallest balconies and patios.

On top of the incredible efficiency and adaptability of a Lumi Lift and Slide door, there’s also security.  Like all our doors, our Lumi Lift and Slide is secured by design, meaning it has met the police standards of burglary resistance and can be trusted to keep you and what’s important to you, safe.  Whilst our Lift and slide doors are highly secure, they are still lightweight thanks to our use of fibreglass, keeping our doors lightweight, strong and durable and with our advanced track system, allows for easy, smooth and stable movement.

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