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Which version of Lumi is right for your project?

Which version of Lumi is right for your project?

Which version of Lumi is right for your project?

Aluminium windows are an excellent option for many people looking to improve their home. Aluminium as a material is strong, lightweight, and affordable while still providing a pleasing look to the exterior of your house. So which version should you choose? Let’s take a closer look at our various options.

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Profile Thickness

For an outsider to the window industry, picking a window system can be a daunting task, after all, how can you be expected to know the difference between a 56mm window profile and a 72mm window profile?

56mm Profile

56mm Profile is most popular in England, due to differences in window openings (known as reveals). In England, openings are generally squared off, allowing for a slimmer profile to be used without having to worry about clearance. Many customers prefer the 56mm profile to the 72mm profile, largely due to the slimmer frame blocking out less of your view and letting in more daylight.

72mm Profile

72mm Profile is most popular in Ireland, where window openings step in and get narrower on the outside of the window, leaving a ledge which the window is sealed against to provide a stronger external seal. The downside of this method is that window profiles have to be thicker to accommodate the outside opening being narrower and provide the necessary clearance. Another advantage of the larger profile is that it allows for additional reinforcing, perfect for large, heavy windows.


80mm Profile

Our 80mm profile is made from fibreglass and is designed to be the ultimate energy efficient window system. It’s designed with new builds in mind and specialises in exceptionally large windows. Fibreglass offers an incredible strength-to-weight ratio as well as energy efficiency, so you really are getting the best of both worlds.


While it’s useful to know what you’re getting, it’s also not something to get too concerned about. We’ll do our part to make sure you’re getting the right option to suit your project. If you have any doubts, whether it be about profile height or whether you should opt for Aluminium Windows or Fibreglass windows, our sales team is only a phone call or email away, you can get us on 03300 415 014 or by emailing sales@lumiwindows.com


Double vs Triple Glazing

An age old battle, which is better, double glazing or triple glazing?

For all of our Lumi projects, we’ll review your project to make sure both double and triple glazing are being utilised to their full extent, allowing each option to play to its strengths. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages which we will outline below.

Double glazed window vs triple glazed window

Advantages of Double Glazing

One of the main advantages of double glazing is, it’s significantly cheaper than triple glazing. With less raw materials and lighter installations, double glazed windows can be very cost effective.

Double glazing also excels over triple glazing for Solar Gain. Double glazed windows offer around 10% greater solar gain than triple glazed windows. This makes them perfect for the south-face of your home, which gets most of the sunlight during the day.

Advantages of triple glazing

Triple glazed windows work out considerably more expensive than double glazed windows, however they also bring along some advantages too. The major advantage to triple glazing is increased insulation and U-values (around 50% better than our double glazed version). A triple glazed window will leave your home warmer and quieter than a double glazed alternative.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, triple glazing decreases heat gained from sunlight. While this not be optimal when it’s cold outside, it means when we do get a heat wave or a spell of warm weather, it’ll help to keep your home cooler, with any heat not being captured in the cold being more than made up for by the increased insulation of the windows.


While there’s no one size fits all solution to windows, there are plenty of different options available to mix and match. If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! Click here to speak to our expert team for advise on your project. 

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